Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sphinx and big integers

I encountered a problem that can give headaches even to the toughest programmers. I think that the solution will be quite a relief to some people.
The problem is when indexing in sphinx, the indexer sometimes prints out a warning/error message:

WARNING: DOCID_MAX document_id, skipping

which by the way is very annoying because it stops your indexing :)

I've searched the web for some solution, but I didn't find anything useful. When I experimented a little with the query I have discovered that the base id's are simply to big. The sphinx was built without the --enable-id64 option, what introduced only 32 integers and not micro timestamp id integers that have about 15 digits. 

Hope that this solution  helps some some of you to get to like sphinx ;-)

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Vladimir said...

thanks it help so !