Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some feedback on Google Closure Templates

We've been using GCT at (My Virtual Museum). After the introduction of the new technology, we had some problems that needed solving:

1) The GCT compiler is a pretty unhandy tool, after some php modifications, we managed to get results faster.

2) No predefined directory/file handling structure was a big problem. I personally hate the directory maze of some developers, we had to keep it simple yet practical. A simple structure of front-end ( guest users ) and back-end ( logged in users ), and an additional categorization per structure, made every decision about where everything should be really straight forward.

3) Loading of the templates should be automatically. We'll soon migrate to a multilingual system, that has to work automatically from the js template side, so auto loading was an issue, but no more.

Google Closure Tools is a great tool, that, if used with a little brain, can make Your js look and feel a lot better. It's something worth recommending.

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