Thursday, November 25, 2010

New exciting work to be done

Hi ppl,

long time no see. Fortunately my new business (creating www software) is growing fast, so I didn't have much time to write but a lot of stuff happened.
I got a new job, a new car and and moved to a quieter city :)

The car:

(not the actual photo, but damn close)
Black Jeep ZJ '96 - sounds pretty old - yep but the advantage is that its a V8 engine with over 200HP, makes a lot of fun:)

The city:

Sopot - it's like the Polish Beverly Hills - "the place to see end be seen" in the summer, now in the early winter its just a nice place to live :)

The job: - a great new adventure. A very innovative project - recording everything that happens on a flash website -> store it -> analyze it -> draw conclusions. The basic idea here is to know what you need to change on a flash website to raise user experience. There are some really interesting technical difficulties that will eventually need solving:

1) The project has potential - fast growth isn't a problem if you have the infrastructure or use a cloud (and your application has basic scalability possibilities)

2) A lot of simple traffic coming in - recording user traffic is a lot of inbound traffic. The architecture has to take into account that traffic can vary with pretty big amplitudes.

3) Big OLAP queries to execute - trends over time, user behavior changes. Analytical queries have a very much different profile that the usual website OLTP stuff, some things just take long, some can be made faster (I hope ;) ).

4) What happens if you get a client that wants to record a lot more? Is the system scalable enough to handle bigger players or is the query execution time multiplier equal to the size of the database?

Some interesting month are ahead, we are yet to an official product start (it's currently in semi open BETA). I hope I will have the pleasure to write about interesting problems, and their smart resolutions.

I didn't write anything about my business, but that's another topic all together :)

See you soon,

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